Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Butter fingers

Impulse and frivolity hath won out over sensible financial management and I shall be popping to Melbourne in June to catch up with at least one friend, potentially more.  Just when I'd gotten my credit card paid off, d'oh.

My mood heavily influenced my backgammon game and I just had to see how many times my step-father could throw a two and hit my uncovered piece coming back into the game from the bar.  I ended up with ten pieces in his end and was soundly backgammoned.

There was potential for an exciting turn around, but I failed to throw a one when needed.  Unlike my step-father who appears to have the ability to call the numbers from the dice like magic.  Give me a seven, any seven sayth he, and lo, he throws a four and a three.  And hits another of my uncovered pieces.

And always, always at least two doubles or more as he is moving his pieces off the board.

Eight to one.

Hotels are next on my unthrifty list.  Shall I take a mystery wotif hotel deal?  I've always been tempted.  One says it is a five star with bathrobes.  I don't think I've ever stayed at a hotel that provided bathrobes yet.  I stayed at one as a child that had a bidet.  My fellow nine year old female friend found it more pleasurable than is proper and much giggling was heard from the bathroom.

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