Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smacks self in head

Five cats managed to keep my legs and feet warm (and immovable), but the throw blanket doesn't reach to my shoulders and it was a chilly ol' morning from 2:45 am onwards.  I should have gotten up and grabbed a jumper or something, but my legs and my underside were warm and I am very lazy.

Made vegetable soup in slow cooker.
Ate soup for breakfast.
Feel sick.

Probably adding the Green Ginger Wine  was a mistake.

Also I probably should have checked to see that the jar of coriander leaves had a sprinkler lid thingy before up-ending it over the pot.

And really, I should try and remember that sometimes less is more and not just put every loose thing in the fridge in.

It tastes both spicy and sweet.


  1. I am so so familiar with the nailed in by cats thing. And they take up far more than their fair share of the bed too.

  2. Yes they do, darn them to heck. They can't just lie nicely at your side - they want the middle. Always.

    I am just thinking to the love I will receive if I buy an electric blanket - mwahahahahahahaha