Saturday, December 25, 2010

Painted bits for mobile for niece wot never has gotten made - have I mentioned previously how crap I am at painting?  Still I like the pig.

I still have trouble believing I forgot what a giraffe looks like - oy vey.


  1. I love it!! snot to late to be hanging them onto strings, no?

  2. That's actually very good job of painting.

  3. We were thinking of getting those little metal thingies that I'm told one uses when fishing that have a little swivil in the middle of it so that the line doesn't just keep twisting - so that they would spin when strung in a line.

    A dangling mobile would be much easier though.

    I wish I'd taken photos of the other side, but these photos were taken half way through. I've started a second set of just faces with different expressions - angry face, sad face etc, but I've been terribly slack lately and haven't finished them.

    A project for my Christmas leave :)

    I have a little lino square and some carving tools too, to do a lino print :) Haven't done one of them since I was at highschool. Your last post made me wish to etch too.