Monday, January 23, 2012

stopping by

Have been sleeping in till 8:30 or 9 ish of late, which leads to some confusion when my mobile phone rings because I initially fumble blearily to hit the snooze button on the alarm only to be faced with prospective employers wanting to make appointments.

Have been playing repetitive clicking computer games and knitting to pass the time, which I wish would pass faster between payment days, as all the money is spent within a couple of hours on bills and food and the rest is twiddling my fingers for a fortnight contemplating my boredom. 

Only boring people are bored. 
Fair enough - I have never claimed to be otherwise.
There are lots of things I could do, but ... phfft.
Probably I should try and stimpulate the little grey cells a little more.  Perhaps I should try and re-write "The Slant" (a song by Glenn Richards) to be about a duck.
Or something.

oh well.  Interview at midday today.  Pre-testing for another tomorrow.
Sort of interested in the one tomorrow.  Is typing up court transcripts from recordings.  Potentially interesting and possibly even horrific on occasions.  Make one grateful for what one has.

The cats are still delighted by my daily company, as I am with theirs.  I am less delighted with daytime television and my cheap crappy dvd player which has decided to cease working.  Which is a pity cause it is also all I have to play cds on and have just re-found the Decemberists Crane Wife album which I have been looking for off and on for the past six months.  I knew it was here somewhere.

I swear ... next regular paid work I get, I am getting a skip and ruthlessly decluttering myself.  I want open floor space and cupboards, damnit!  and one of those kitty play towers covered in carpet, and some mirrors around the place to remind me what I look like so that I will exercise a bit.  One tiny little medicine cabinet mirror that I can only see into if I stand on the stairs does not provide sufficient motivation.

And the books - I can feel another purge on the way. 


  1. I know I harp on this, but I reckon it's with good reason: you really should be exercising. It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel. When I exercise regularly (and properly) it gives me energy and motivation and just a happier feeling. And when I don't, everything's just that "phfft" feeling you describe. And that's absolutely shithouse.

    I think that if you concentrate solely on that aspect, you'll probably find it a lot easier to get around to all those other things you're putting off. And you'll feel good doing them.

    I know I sound like one of "those" people, but it's bloody well true.

    1. you are very right and I do know that, but knowing one should do something, and even wanting the end result of something, is still very different to actually being able to force oneself to do something one doesn't like doing.

      but I shall take it seriously soon starting with a visit to the doctor (possible referral to physiotherapist etc) to find out what I should and shouldn't do considering the arthritis has buggered my ankles, knees, hips, back and neck.

      Last time I went to a shopping centre with my sister and walked around for a couple of hours I had to retire home for painkillers and an icepack, cause the strain on my neck just from carrying a light handbag caused sick headache/come migraine that stuffed me for the rest of the day.

      The few times I have gone walking with somebody else I've hurt myself within the first day or two and left hopping/limping for the next week or more. I think I need to learn how to strap myself up effectively with sports tape.

      (i am so full of excuses)

    2. That's true. You don't want to end up doing more harm than good. I've seen fitness programs that were specially designed for geriatrics, so I would guess there's something out there you could get into without aggravating your condition. As you say, it's a question of arming yourself with the right knowledge before you start.

  2. You are not on your own. I know I should be doing more. I also know I feel better when I do, but my excuses are legion.

    PS Cat condominums are expensive - but they love them.

  3. Aqua-aerobics or aqua-cise (or whatever it is called) might be a good thing to do

  4. I know I should swim and aqua-exercise, but I remember peeing in public swimming pools when I was young and still vividly remember the turd in the pool from the last time I went.

    I could sort of cope with the idea of pee, because there is chlorine and it is vastly diluted, but I haven't felt comfortable with public swimming pools since the floater.