Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I will post soon.

The trainee wot I am fond of is moving in a couple of weeks.
And the other temp wot I am fond of is finishing next friday, sadly when she thought she was listted against the other permanent staff wot is on maternity leave till next May and thus a nasty surlprise and I am snookered as to h-wh-hat I shall do for their respective last days.

The trainee is awesome and pierced and tatooed and tall and lovely.
And the other temp is pierced and cool and fab and has awesome hair and I wish both of themwould be with me for ages. 

I am contemplating working on a little cartoon of trainee telling someone on the phone to have a good day, whilst simultationously contemplating how much she woudl like to come around and punch them, which is one of the opinons she voices so often ... that the persons calling in should be punched.

And the temp ... I have offered to make her bacon and onion dip.  I can't help but feel like I am short changing someone.  But which one?

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