Monday, April 23, 2012

I know I'm up late ...

because it's past 12 am and I am supposed to start work at 7:30, but have flicked onto a movie called "The Roly Poly Man" starring Paul Chubb and ITS AWESOME!!!!!

I am excessively grateful for who ever Danny Embling is, because I really really wanted to post a little taste of it - I particularly wanted to post the bit that starts at the above link ad 3:30 ish which makes me wish I hadn't stopped collecting all though little metal washer like thingies that used to go around the spikey things wot people used to use to keep paper work together on files before the plastic thingies were invented.  No one in the offices I worked in actually used them and I wanted to glue or weld them into ... something ... one day.  But it would have taken an aweful lot of them and I ended up chuckin' em.

And may I say I hate the new version of blogger?
Well, I am going to say it anyway.
Hate it.

p.s. and the line at about 8:50 made me laugh out loud too

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