Sunday, July 15, 2012


Blogger hates me at present, but I have not an appropriate level of interest to enable me to investigate why.

Have been spending obscene lengths of time in bed when I should be doing things.  Starting from tomorrow will beat myself with baseball bat (or should that be cricket bat since I am Australian?) to make myself move.

It's not exactly depression, just an overwhelming desire to retreat from the world.

That movie, the name of which I cannot remember at present by that guy from Talking Heads, whose name I also cannot currently remember, but wot had that guy who played the husband of Rosanne Barr in her television series, whose name I also cannot remember but was perhaps John something, in it and that featured a rich female character, whose name I do not remember, who had not left her bed for years, has been somewhat on my mind of late as rather a desirable idea.

Except her bedroom was all very pastel and frilly and not a place I would want to spend years in.

Ha!  David Byrne

A lovely movie.  Very scenic.  Lots of flat expanses with big horizons and pictures of doors.

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