Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My landlord dropped by this week to advise he wants to paint the outside of the house and can I clear out the garage and get rid of the rubbish so that he can get to the walls.  Said I would have it cleared up by the weekend.  (I had been hoping to get a skip in to get rid of some of the larger objects, like the television that doesn't work and the single bed frame I don't want anymore and what I don't think is good enough for the charity shops, but I ran out of money, d'oh).

He dropped by this morning to start stripping the paint off some of the boards!!  My brother-in-law isn't coming by until tomorrow and I haven't cleaned up the house yet or smuggled out my excess cats or cleaned the litter trays yet cause there wasn't any room in the bin after I got rid of all the old newspapers I've been hoping to use in the garden if I ever had enough money to get a load of soil dropped off!!!!!!

Have tidied a bit and closed some windows and fled the scene in the hope he won't come inside if I am not there - worried he might need to use the toilet or something.  Having to rely on my cats hiding because there is a strange man outside, but can't guarantee they will.

Was expecting to have tomorrow to deal with stuff, but am starting work at 7 am at my new job, that I thought I had stuffed the interview for yesterday!!!

But it is part-time so I will have the afternoon free.  Landlord said he would do a bit today and then come back Friday.

I feel a bit sick with stress, but will get Blossom and Wooliff out tonight.  My poor babies.  They have been cuddled up to me like sticky-burrs at night cause its so cold.

He has advised he needs to put up the rent and was checking if I had rental assistance (as I mentioned I was between jobs at the moment when he came by Monday) but have assured him I am not usually out of work for long and that it was fine to raise it.

He is a very nice man - but I am a slob and a pig - and certainly only a good tenant in the sense that I don't break anything and pay my rent on time, preferably ahead of time, and don't have domestics and punch holes in walls.


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