Saturday, March 12, 2011

It is raining.  People are walking around the half finished refurbished mall, which no longer is, in shorts and singlets for exercise or a nice morning stroll?  Top of 27 degrees yesterday.  Felt a bit cool.  Half-finished because they are putting the road back.

Breakfast was edible and I tried desparately not to listen into the conversation of the two young things talking about ones promotion at work.  They looked about sixteen, but I am sure were older and one has been put in charge of something.  Something to do with childcare.  They were so excited.

I've never been excited about work in my life and being put in charge of something would be my worst nightmare.  It felt very weird to overhear.  Made me wish they'd turn Cher up. 

I am wishing I were retired today.  I know I don't turn forty until December, but I am feeling old and unwell.  I haven't been able to get to sleep lately - not sure if it is because of work or the weather - and my arthritis and body in general always have their revenge on me if I don't let it sleep.  It's rather like a permanent hangover. 

I am going to spend the day in bed with my cats :)

And I am going to by milk on the way home and make myself hot chocolate.

And maybe I'll buy some apple pie and custard that I can heat up later.

And maybe I shall buy a new DVD and move the televsion into the bedroom.

Maybe I'll buy some episodes of Dr Who.

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  1. Staying in bed with the cats sounds pretty good -except that ours are bed hogs. And Jazz spikes anyone (read me) who is infringing on his space.