Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday? How did that happen?

Gosh this week has gone fast.  Busy busy busy.

I am at work in an unbrushed state hoping I've managed to camouflage by pulling it back with hair combs, but perhaps the "aura" of camouflage is too strong because the female solider in her camo outfit in the red sedan COMPLETELY FAILED TO SEE ME ON THE ROUNDABOUT!!!!

It is good I have to take the corner so slow in this wet weather.  I was on the damn roundabout slowing to complete the right turn and she just kept going.  I am going to have to start wearing the stupid orange vest with reflective stripes, wot makes me feel so daggy, during the daytime *sigh*

I am content to wear it at night, but in the daytime, on the larger than usual scooter, with the lights on, cause that is the rules, it shouldn't be necessary *pout*

It's because I am near one of the bases.  Riding near the bases, or near where the army rent homes, is to dice with death.  Solitaire with a pearl handled scooter - to butcher a Warren Zevon line.  Lots of cars with V8 engines and young men people who are firmly convinced they are excellent drivers with super good reflexes.  My older brother was like that.  Is like that.  Idiots.

:)  I've had my little rant now and feel better.


  1. Now and then, I get to spend time hanging out with bikies and hear all kinds of stories about "dickheads with phones" and "silly women, looking at themselves in the mirror".

    Maybe your scooter could do with some flashing LEDs.

  2. I think I should have a sequined jacket. Something like wot Michael Jackson might wear - - that'd make me stand out, ey? :D

  3. I suppose you'd need a rhinestone encrusted helmet to go with it, too.