Monday, December 12, 2011


The ever so wonderful BHJ's latest post is lovely and reminds me of the story of the time my brother and his friend tried to burn our house down. 

I was there at the time but I remember the story better

The adults were all in the house chatting - neighbours visiting i think - and brother wondered in asking where the metho was - parent told him - not long later occurred to parent that metho was an unusual request for a six or seven year old to make and perhaps he should not actually be allowed to have metho - investigations were made and myself, brother and brother's friend were out the back trying to set the house on fire - it wasn't working with just matches and a small mound of grass

I can't help wishing I had been inside to see their faces
not sure how true the story is
but remember the pile of grass and the matches
didn't help that our house was up on stumps, about three or four steps up
the pile of grass wasn't really big enough to be effective

(don't know what I'll do if BHJ comments on this one - last time I eeeked and flapped my hands like a girlie-girl)

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