Wednesday, December 21, 2011

slaps self in head

well i am a dill

i mismarked my calendar when i had my rent paid up till and am therefore now a week behind instead of a week in front - grrrrrrrr

sigh - i can't help but wish they'd sent the notice of breach back in November instead of waiting till the week before christmas - still, these things are sent to try us - i have organised late payment of my electricity bill instead

had the oddest end to one of todays backgammon games with my step-father - he had pieces off the board already and i ended up with one piece on the two mark and fourteen pieces pilled up on the six mark and then managed to throw a double six, two double fives and a double two to win the game - it was freaky - i was rolling about on the floor laughing - he still managed to slaughter me twelve games to six, but as long as i win a couple of battles, i am content to lose the war

my intention to be a good daughter and go for a drive with mother was thwarted by vehicular difficulties - my nieces and nephew are shutting themselves away in their rooms and not coming out unless absolutely necessary - mind you, that isn't all that different from their usual modus operandi - but it is still interesting to see my own teenage coping mechanism replicated - i wonder if they had their grandma showing up every day for a couple of months, if they'd start wanting to paint their walls black too - lol


  1. Sounds like everyone's teenage coping strategies. The guilt button isn't tripped till much later. And seems to be tied to gender as well.
    I quite liked my blue hair stage too - but since I had achieved the look by wrapping blue crepe paper round my wet hair it was v temporary. Lovely blue halo round my head in the sun while it lasted though.

  2. I gots random present for you. Same address?

  3. leaps about excitedly
    yes - same adress :)

    I am sooooo totally temped by the crepe paper option - i had an interview yesterday for a temp job and have been regretting that it would mean I couldn't dye my hair red and green for christmas day

  4. Do it! And post photos. It comes out in one or two washes, but is fun while it lasts. The more paper the stronger the colour.