Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nother song *bounce bounce bounce*

nother song from Mr Richards to listen too :)  called long pigs
does not this man have an awesome talent for song titles or wot
and a seriously cute kitty too
i could not ask for more in a youtube clip

was terribly depressed last night after the first day of the course - do you know beauty and the geek? you know how many of the beauties had really quite lovely and bubbly personalities but were thick as bricks?  young girls in group did not know the word 'concise' or 'rapport' and one girl asked how to spell 'possible'

i am a cranky old woman who has too many cats and sometimes drinks sherry - it is cruel to stick me in a room with giggling teenage blondes in too tight clothes and vast expanses of bosom, being lectured by a lady with a very loud intense voice imparting her views on boat people and that choking can kill you (duh) - though she is also a very nice woman and i am being ungrateful - argh

so mother rang last night when i was feeling all sad and cryee and i ended up asking to borrow money so i could still go to cairns for my treat - i am pathetic sometimes, oui?


  1. Dear Samantha the Mad Cat Lady,

    I sympathise with your situation. Maybe you would consider moving further south? The ladies have smaller fake breasts, and maybe, just maybe there are more jobs? I don't know. I am newly unemployed myself so who knows what I'll be saying in a month or two! ha!! GOOD LUCK.

  2. I did consider moving south again, but I want to be around for my nieces growing up.

    However *fanfare* I have just been offered a job and start Tuesday :)

    How come you are unemployed now? Is it by choice?