Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday and I've got Zombies on my mind

Well hopefully I have done okay for my first week.
She said so anyway.
(but actually I could have done better ifin I'd not dithered so much and been overcareful because large sums of money was involved).

I wonder if I won the lotto whether I'd get over my allergy for large sums of money?
Maybe I should write to them?
Put it to the Golden Casket people and see wot they say?
Will you assist me in getting over a silly phobia about dealing with large sums of money, by giving me large sums of money?

I am deputised to apply my nephew's vampire makeup for the fancy dress school disco in my sister's stead.  She has made herself up as a zombie and is escorting my niece to her basketball semi-final (she isn't going to have time to get changed when she comes back to pick up the nephew, you see?)


  1. I'm glad none of our school discos were fancy dress...

    Pashing strangers was tough enough without costumes

  2. Holy Heck! but he's only nine!

    maybe i shouldn't have done such a good job on the makeup?

  3. There was a heady mix of Ayrshire peer pressure and Eternal Flame on the jukebox...pashing was mandatory at ours...

    Mind you, in Burnie, holding hands was as much as it got. Depends where you are!