Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

One cider down and a glass of rose in hand
Parent busy in sister's kitchen
Frozen prawns defrosted
Bowls of water with lemon to rinse hands
Don't eat seafood myself
Probably should eat something
Base for the booze
Didn't buy a wading pool this year to dangle feet into whilst sitting on verandah
Beautiful sunny day
Light breeze
Humidity not too much above 50 percent, I don't think
Saw a flock of black cockatoo grazing on the ground in the park this morning
Sister's cat curled up in her underwear drawer and resisting relocation with fang and claw
Cricket on telly
Leftover ham from yesterday perhaps?
Snow would be weird
Suppose could fill bucket with water for feet?
Fresh passionfruit from the vine
Don't like passionfruit either
Nor mango
Crates of them on the verandah
Rose goes down rather fast
Ibis flapping around skin from yesterdays ham
stolen from compost heap
like dog playing tug-of-war
trying to break off a piece
hahahahahahaha if only you could see this

15/1/14 - Yo Alex, Still haven't replaced my computer,see :) Leading a strange womb like existence. Scooter fixed, but not successfully. Going back in again on 24th. This weird public access computer does not let me comment on my own blog? lol


  1. How nice to see you back.
    And I love your little vignette.
    And have a cat much like your sister's myself. I love mango though. And passionfruit.
    Hold the ham. And the seafood.

  2. Merry Christmas :)
    Have moved on to grapes
    My eldest sister brought a wading pool along, but her 4yr old daughter won't share - she reckons we would displace too much water

  3. you would have LOVED the black cockatoos
    reckon there were over twenty of them there

  4. Black cockies are funny old birds. I don’t think I saw any for years, and then I was out around Longreach not that long ago and there were thousands of them.

    Good to hear from you again Maddy. Was starting to wonder if you were alright. You manage to get the scooter fixed?