Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 2013

things are quiet
the usual post-christmas tensions nibble away at my tentative, timid new year optimism
short haircut lovely, but terribly similar to mothers
heat and humidity sap good intentions and resolve to indulge in domestic godesstry is overturned with a swap to the other side of the pillow and a sleep in till eleven
i would feel better for raisin toast, but it is so hard not to order eggs benedict
everything is green and lush and some afternoons I scooter through the park before work 
i pass flocks of red tailed black cockatoos grazing and magpie geese bathing in puddles
a wash of green and pink lotus flowers cover the ponds
there used to be a small animal enclosure here with kangaroos and wallabies and emus and birds but now i can't quite remember which spot where it was situated
i am tired and melancholy and rereading old familiar favourites and watching already seen dvds again and again and when i drift into daydream i imagine sad things happening
i have planted seeds in the garden
warm summer rain soaked my shoes
the breeze after dried off my shirt as i sipped coffee at the cafe
it stopped raining as soon as i bought an umbrella

(the spell check is suggesting "destroyer" as an alternative to "goddestry" - lol - like, dude, stop with the negatives waves man)

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