Saturday, November 19, 2016

December curse has kicked in early ...

Rheumatologist visit lovely and will start methotrexate Monday.

Came home to bill from Centrelink from 2010, as they are auditing database s and the group certificate for that job appears to be based on dates payslips processed rather than dates worked however, finally got back into old email and still have the payslips so just need to get in and appeal the decision. Unsure how long or easy that will be.

Newish scooter wot turns one year old January has suddenly ceased to function half way home.

Rental inspection two weeks away and I am working six days a week in lead up too when I would usually take time off.

Left hand is swollen and don't work so good and new medication will take a month or so to kick in.

Mother is arriving early this year and will be here 2nd December.

I am having a very last large drink and battling the urge to just kick the sh*t out of the scooter and set it on fire.

Burn Baby, burn ... like my Christmas.


  1. Sigh.
    Good luck. Lots and lots of luck.

    1. To heck with luck! I have settled for Champagne. As soon as I have sorted Centrelink I shall buy myself a present of note. An awesome present. Perhaps even a sensible and lasting present.

      Or perhaps I will get the lyrics of captain crackers tattooed on my back and butt.

      Anything is possible :)