Friday, January 13, 2017


My life is back to normal, now that my mother has finally gone home, so today I went out to brunch and wandered down to my local bookstore only to find closing down signs and nearly entirely empty displays.

The few scattered remaining books looked forlorn and the nice very tall assistant starting to take down shelves whilst sniffling into a well used tissue. The lovely motherly lady who usually rings up my purchases gave me an extra percentage off my last buy and I burst into tears as I walked away.


  1. I am so sorry. A good bookshop is a precious thing.

  2. Woe is me. Actually, it wasn't geeat, but the people were lovely and willing. There was one young man with a violently receding hairline keen to sing the praises of books, which sadly, because I am somewhat older than him, I had already read.

    There was a tall lean gentle man who seemed to stoop without actually stooping.

    A short motherly lady who swapped stores about the thousands of dollars she'd had to spend on her injured puppy after only just getting him.