Saturday, January 21, 2017

I am forcing myself ...

... away from the television and my book with firm statements / commands / selfexplanations!

You really, really(!) NEED underwear!!
I tell myself.
Get up!

I am soo blaise (spelling?)
It's  been slow at work.
My brain has been slow with medication.
Myself has been slow to care.
About anything.

I must i must increase my bust.

Is what ladies used to chant as they did certain exercises wbich were supposed to increase their bust which didnt but actually were very good toning exercises which in that sense certainly, probably, maybe made them perkier? Perhaps?

Lift and thrust.

I have cleaned some litter trays.
Everything smells so much better.
My nose doesn't  normally really work, so i figure they must have been bad.

My birthday/xmas present from my family is a security door which may possibly be being fitted this coming week and i am quite excited, and my cats will be much cooler and there may be sudden vicious placement battles occurring in the near future and maybe if i put off buying a new phone yet again! and buy a cat water fountain instead i can distract them from fighting over who gets to lay down first in front of the new screen door first?

Or maybe not.


I want to win lotto so that i can open a bookstore to replace my local bookstore wot i used to go to after having breakfast out on a friday or saturday or sunday or other day, but wot closed when i wasn't looking over xmas, gosh darn damnit!! I am so pissed off about that!
I would call it 'Brown Books'.
Because i am silly.

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  1. Having a non-funtioning nose would make litter box cleaning much better. Much, much better.