Monday, January 3, 2011

Blather blather blah

I intended to spring clean over the break and garden - but rain, presence of parent and humidity have conspired against my fragile intentions and willowly will.  Thus my current piggy profile pic is entirely appropriate.

Lacklustre and limp I spent all day yesterday playing an interminal Jewelquest.   At 7 pm last night I had only reached Chapter Four or five of possible twelve made up of varying twenty to thirty boards each.  My cats disapproved and attempted interuption by knocking things off tables and bodily forcing disengagement from the keyboard and (unsuccessful) lap coups.

I cannot try and make it up to them with food treats because one of them is having a vomiting phase (don't know which one) and the others are somewhat disinterested from heat - both hormonal and external.  Must get Sookey desexed this year.

I won $26 on the lotto - it's not 31 million, but still a pleasant surprise.

I am forty this year - well, come December round anyway.
Forty is one of those important years.
A spring clean for the body and mind. 

I am daunted ... an internal and external habitat due all the same time - gah!

I fear a half-hearted tidyup may be the only thing that happens.

Perhaps you might suggest I create a display/plan of what I want to achieve out of life? 

Sadly, my only goals have always been to have no hassles, cats, and lots of books to read.
What do the contented people do when they turn forty?

I don't think my joints would like skydiving.

Also one is always worried one would be tempted to not open the shute.
Far to attracted to edges.
Think I have some lemming in me.

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