Saturday, January 1, 2011

My new scooter

 I have named her Kym, as she is a Kymco Like 50.  I am so much higher off the ground on her - it feels very strange.

Was wearing white t-shirt when she was bought and then the heavens opened when I was riding her home - aye currumba.

Mother lent me the money to buy her.


  1. MCL she is marvellous.

    You know, the first time I really remember seeing a scooter I was in Cannes (scanky backpacking days). It was dusk and we were winding our way up a hill when this woman on a scooter passed us. She was wearing a red evening gown and red high heels with diamantes. A moment later a chap in a tux passed us, then two teenagers, similarly formally attired. They looked magnificent.

    So make sure you ride your scooter next time you're off to a ball.

  2. I rode my last scooter in a 1950s cocktail gown once. It garnered more attention than I thought it warranted. Sadly I did not manage elegance at the same time, as it had a big floaty skirt which I had to restrain by tying cords around my body.

    Had visions like that silent film star wot was strangled when her feather bower got caught in the wheels of her car as she took off.

    If I actually do start swimming this year and regain a waist I shall try it again in a slinky gown :)

  3. (it was pale pink with a josephine waistline and pleated organza skirt - a bit like this, but much much longer and a more substantial beaded bodice - )

  4. I looked like a jelly fish caught in a discarded fishing line.