Friday, January 28, 2011

Weather with you

Well - possible Category 3 Cyclone Anthony to maybe hit us Monday, with potential Category 4 cyclone to maybe develop and head our way by Thursday.  Mind you, that one just says "north of Gladstone", but I don't expect it will do nice things for the recently flooded areas, ey? 

sigh - more rain

Now I gots to go buy a supply of baked beans, cat food, batteries and booze ... um ... I mean water, and tidy up my yard of potential missles.

Edit:  Another fizzer. Didn't even get any wind. Perhaps Yasi will be more interesting.


  1. Ours was really boring too - barely even any rain. And we'll have to wait another decade or so before a TC ventures down this far. I hope Yasi is exciting for you, but not too exciting and quite dry.

  2. It's always so anticlimatic when that happens. One wants it to rip a few branches off trees just so one doesn't feel like one has wasted all that preparation.

    Yasi formerly tracked nearly directly at Townsville in the first map, is now possibly going to cross between Cairns and Innisfail - but closer to Cairns.