Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So I got home yesterday and mooched about.  Grabbed a corona.  My neighbour came over to chat.  Then since I was feeling a little spooked about Yasi I decided I should maybe go buy some bottled water.  Just in case.

I come back to see Bubba stalking something.  I stand the scooter and rush over to save some poor innocent lizard, only to find he was inches away from something that looked a bit like this ...

I really really really hate snakes.

I am not sure if this is the actual type of snake cause it was getting dark, but most of the snakes we run into here are venoumous.

I grabbed my cat and rushed him to my neighbour and asked him to shut him in until I could get my door unlocked, as I didn't think I could unlock my front door and restrain a cat keen on the hunt at the same time.

Poor Bubba is quite upset this morning cause I didn't let him outside today.

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