Friday, February 11, 2011

Smacks self in head

... and last night I just drank and read trashy books *hangs head in shame*  I didn't even scoop poop this morning cause I slept in.  I didn't even do emergency washing and just went and bought more socks instead (but one can never have too many socks anyway so that don't matter none, ey?)

However, I may not be working this weekend afterall, so I shall have no excuses Monday.


  1. one can never have too many socks

    I used to believe this, but now I've got more socks than I have sock drawer and they've started colonising other parts of the bedroom. I need to bite the bullet and cull the herd, I think.

    Don't fall into the same trap.

  2. I am a wasteful disposable person. I seem to manage to chuck them out for various reason before they get uncontrollable.

    Possiblly when I am trying to clean up for rental inspections :)