Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have eaten and feel better.
I laugh at my horrible weepy mood of before. 
Laugh scornfully.
ha ha ha ha ha

It is probably nothing but a slightly exacerbated attack of PMS.
I shall not let it hobble me.

They may be no good at poaching eggs.
Their hollandaise is tastless, but for the sting of vinegar.
They no longer have a beautiful androgenous french waiter.
But by golly they make a nice BLT.
*smacks lips*
And I am surprised to report that Cher is not a bad soundtrack to breakfast.


  1. Heh heh. Which Cher tracks? Some I would find difficult to keep down food with.

  2. I think it must have been a recent album - I didn't recognise any of the songs.

  3. *pouts* I want a cafe with a beautiful androgenous french waiter

  4. sigh - I wish he would come back

    and that his name hadn't been willy. that kind of ruined it for me a bit.

  5. MAHAhahahahahahahahaha
    Yeah that does kinda kill it