Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can you see the cracks in my skull?

I am feeling terribly conflicted.

Glenn Richards is going to be playing some shows in Melbourne mid-March and what if this is the only time I get to see them play?  What if he doesn't come to Queensland for ages?  Besides if he does come up here it won't be full band like wot they'd have in Melbourne (which is not to say that solo Glenn or duo Glenn is also no doubt excellent - in fact solo Glenn is charming -but full band Glenn would be nice to experience, hey)?

But ... but ... Gareth Liddiard is going to be playing in Brisbane March 26, supported by the ever effervescent Dan Kelly and I'd really like to go to that too.

But I've never been to Northcote and don't know my way around and I hate going places I've never been before cause I am terrible at reading bus/train/tram schedules and I don't even know how to get a tram ticket though I spose they would sell them on the tram? wouldn't they?  Contrary though, I am perfectly comfortable going to the Zoo.  I have a hotel I always stay at and a cafe I always go to, but ...

the flights to Melboure are actually cheaper at the moment than the Brisbane ones - crazy hey?

But the accommodation is bound to be more expensive

And I really should be saving up for flyscreens and visiting my mother and paying her back for the scooter quicker rather than later and not flying off to go listen to musicians.



  1. Save your money and stay home. I'm sure there are lots of things to do around your neck of the woods. Perhaps there are a few bands in the local music scene that you can check out.

  2. That's very senisble advice George.

    However in the past when I've tried not to go, I've caved at the last minute and then the flights have cost more. Melbourne's normally $300ish each way and this is a return trip for about $400 - can I pass up this bargin on the offchance I will actually develop willpower?

    And what if they all decide to give up touring and become accountants or something? Environmental officers and advertising jingle writers?

    Am I passing up my last sole opportunity to bask in their mellifluous tones?

    Not to mention their funky outfits? What if these means I dont' get to see Dan Kelly prancing about in a Karate suit on stage with the aviators cap accompanied by Kiernan on the hamonica in a sarong? 

  3. Don't you know anyone in those places that you could bum floor-space off? It would certainly save you some bikkies on accommodation.

  4. That's also sensible ... but I have a dream. A dream that one day I will book the mystery hotel on those lastminute-type acommodation packages and get a five star hotel with a room with a spa.

    How awesome would it be to come back from a late night in some smelly bar where some stranger has spilt rum and coke down your back and your feet are sore from standing for hours and your all sweaty and sticky to ease into warm bubbles with a glass of something.

  5. If you want to come to Melbourne, I may be able to provide crash space, and the Anti-Social club I know very well.