Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Looks like my suburb is one of the ones they are going to ask people to evacuate because of storm surge, so I am at my sisters with my cats.  Figured I wouldn't wait for the door knock.

Was rather bemused to see journalists have actually flown into the danger zone to report today.  Are they mad?

Sister was explaining how the cyclone compares against the US hurricane grading and I think we would be a high category 4 on the US scale (and if the wind was going in the other direction of course).  Yasi is about 45 kph behind Katrina.

Townsville Urban inundation map


  1. I take back what I said about Yasi being exciting for you, may she be as uneventful as possible. At least it's tracked north now. A lot of Cairns is going to disappear over the next 24 hours; it isn't designed to handle cat5 tropical cyclones. Only WA is supposed to get those.

    Stay safe and hope the cats don't stress too much!

  2. scary stuff! hope you weather the storm ok... stay safe.

  3. Thank you Kristin, George, Bec. All good so far. Don't know how my place went yet. I have all my toes crossed.