Friday, February 4, 2011


Am called in to work today in my unwashed state, thankful the water treatment plant is back on line now.
I had not realised quite just how attached I am to flushing toilets.  I LOVE flushing toilets.

Was going to pull over and take a photo of Anderson Park and along Hugh Street where the trees are all down on the road, but realised I was about to run into a power line lying by the side of the road and decided against it - though the power is out so I am sure it would have been okay.  I think it's just that they look so much like snakes.  Creeps me out.

Got to test out some potential roadie skillz this morning - taping down the power cords from the generators to the computers and stuff :)

Not sure cello tape really counts though.


  1. You could have just done it with gaffa tape and told them you were "keepin' it real"

  2. I searched all the draws and we didn't have any :(

  3. You're right, flushing toilets are very, very good.