Monday, February 28, 2011


I am a bad person.  I neglected my cats all day yesterday playing that stoopid computer game till past 11 o'clock at night (a match 3 game - Heroes of Kalevala).


  1. If your cats are anything like mine they will punish you. Big time. UDOs (Unidentified disgusting objects) relating to their digestive processes are my cats favourite tools of torture.

  2. lol - I came home from work yesterday to find one had pissed next to the kitty litter tray. Bookcases on other side of room, so floor tilts down a little. Stream extended metre and a half.
    All nice and fresh. Must have waited until they could hear the scooter.

  3. Yup and probably had to cross their legs to ensure it was fresh for you. One of ours threw up a mouse's head in the smaller portion's shoe. Which he found just as he was heading off to work. Served him right - he had badmouthed their mousing prowess the day before.