Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning pre-breakfast

And lo, it is Saturday morning and I am up at an ungodly hour, or at least up before 8am, and in an internet cafe prior to buying breakfast.  It's been a while since I've done this. 

Am supposed to be taking my cats to my sisters so that I can open up my flat and spring clean prior to the rental inspection on Monday, but I didn't remember to call her last night and, though this may mean I am a faithless doubter, I do not believe she will have remembered and after a couple of long weeks at work I am just not up to the 6am or earlier transfer of kitties today. 

It all seemed to be so organised last week.  I'd get to move the cats at a reasonable time of the day and have time to try and do a good job - see if sister would take me shopping because I wanted to buy a few things that are too big to take home ont he scooter - but they have decided to go to Charters Towers this weekend and put the bollocks on that.  Certainly they are welcome to go to Charters Towers and they are already doing me a huge favour by setting up the large cage in their backyard for the day - it just would be nice - just once - for this to be easy, ey?

The usual routine is I get up at 3:30/4am on the day of the rental inspection attempt to cage all the cats (who see the cat carriers and hide in hard to reach corners and behind stoves etc), scooter over to my sister's place and borrow their car, come back, catch the cats that have managed to get out of the cat carrier - and worrying about the damage they will have inflicted on themselves in their escape - load the cats back up, gather up some litter trays and food and sheets for over the holding cage and a box for them to hide in, load the car, suffering the distressed pitiful mews on the trip back to sisters house, unload all the cats (who are huddling at the back of their carrier cages and refusing to come out) without making too much noise and then scootering back home to sweep and mop and do all the things I've forgotten to do - panic - stress - cry a bit and then go to work - is all a bit exhausting on top of a night of no sleep.

Was going to sleep in since last night wasn't a good sleeping night, but the council subcontractors turned up this morning not too long after 6am with trucks and excavator to remove cyclone debris from our street.  Which is also a good thing and I am not really complaining.   Everything will be better after I've had some coffee.

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