Thursday, February 3, 2011

Short Walk

My oldest sisters doors.  Just because one has to tap ones windows because of severe Category 5 tropical cyclone, doesn't mean one shouldn't try and make it look pretty, right?


  1. Gosh glad you're ok, all a bit scary. I love that your scooter just chilled out throughout it all - ha!

    Is the worst over now? Have you been back home?

  2. I have just gotten back from an extremely reckless scooter ride to my place. It's fine.

    Getting there was tricky. The wind is so strong I had to keep pulling over until the big gusts passed. They were enough to knock me off my scooter.

    Cyclone Yasi appears to have something against trees. The houses seem fine. They have no power and neither does the water treatment plant, so we have to survive on our bottled water for a few days.

    The botanical gardens look like they have been converted into a matchstick factory, by somebody who does quite have the hang of it.


    I should have bought more booze.

  4. so glad you and your kitties and family and scooter and house are all ok! and just as a general rule... you should always buy more booze.


  5. Good to see you are ok Sam :) I enjoy reading your blog.