Monday, February 21, 2011


I shall get my beautiful cats a treat tonight.  I shall buy them smoked salmon - even though they broke my last remaining wine glass this morning - not that I was drinking wine this morning - I was using it as a water glass and thus it was on the table with the water jug - and even though Sookie vomited on my freshly mopped kitchen floor this morning - this was before they broke the wine glass - and even though I expect to come home to some further domestic disaster, such as them breaking my only soup bowl because they wanted to sit on the cluttered side of the sink rather than the side I cleared for them so that they could leer at the pigeons on the roof of the deserted house next door without breaking crockery.

Perhaps I shall get them some caviar?
Though I think I remember they didn't much like cavier last time I got them some, but they were younger than and tastes change.

No I know - I shall get them some raw chicken.  They got terribly excited about that last time I gave it to them.  Nearly as excited as they get about BBQ chicken. 

I've been giving them treats for the last week though - tinned crab meat - seafood extender - mince.  I've been feeling flush of pocket and been reckless in the food stakes.  Must go back to miserly tinned food soon to save my bank balance. 

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