Thursday, February 3, 2011

The morning after

Well ... that was a bit noisy.

Went to my sisters house with the cats as there was concern about storm surge and flooding for my suburb.

Bubba-cat wasn't impressed and refused to come out from under my nephews bed.  I dragged him out at about 7ish when I retreated to the laundry.  Sister and her family had the bathroom as their strong room.  The power went out not long after that.

The other cats decided it was all a bit too much for them too and went back into their hated cat carriers.

Was rather surprised to find that my scooter (on its stand out the front of the house cause there is no garage and brother-in-law wanted it a bit away from the house in case the winds were enough to lift it) stood standing through the entire thing.

Lots and lots of trees down and I've no idea what condition my place is in yet.  Probably won't get out to it till later in the day, cause the wind is still pretty wild and it will give emergency workers a chance to clear the roads and any live lines away, ey?

Brother-in-law has a generator and sister has made us bacon and eggs - mmmmmmmmm bacon


  1. Thought I'd check in here to see if everything was okay. Sure hope your home is made from the same stuff as your scooter.

  2. Indeed, and it was made in Taiwan - lol