Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hot smoked fillet of salmon for cats dinner last night. 
I had some myself. 
It was delicious. 
It brought to mind a scene from the only comic book character written as a novel that I've read.
She ate the same tinned tuna she fed her cats.

I'm pretty sure her flat was much messier than mine ever is.


  1. Not feeling a desire to throw on a black unitard and whip people, are you?

  2. I defy anybody to deny they would like one of those long cracking whips.

  3. So nice to hear that someone else indulges their cat shamefully. One of ours (since gone to god) had a passion for avocado - but flatly refused to eat it if there were any black spots. The current chaos of cats love prawns.

  4. I've only tried mine with the little tinned prawns and they weren't that interested, but I think I shall have to give them a try on proper full sized prawns because my brother-in-laws chickens went made for them at Christmas.

    Avocado - ooo ooo ooo - am going to try that one this evening :D