Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dream diary entry

Wednesday night/Thursday morning Dream - House from disaster dream with neighbours dropping round to tell me stuff or look for stuff, can't remember, and leaving doors open all the time and letting all the hundreds of kittens out without noticing and me having to try and catch them all again without anybody seeing all the hundreds of cats and dobbing me into the authorities.

Vacant lot next door in last night’s dream held an old style fort/slippery dip/play ground equipment.

Dan Kelly was measuring it up and decorating it and doorknocking the neighbours houses to let them know about a solo gig he was going to do there.

Helped paint narrowish vertical stripes on the vertical planks and horizontal stripes on the horizontal planks of wood and steps (young mr kelly ain't usually that into geometrical shapes but dreams don't have to make sense).

Didn’t get to dream the gig though – bummer hey?

Love that old highset house I get to live in but.  Hope I get to dream about it again soon.  Like going back to the same place in dreams.  I am a stick-in-the-mud.

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