Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post schmost

The book I ordered hasn't arrived - sad face -  I think it will not arrive at all - tracking says it was posted before the ones I ordered for my niece and hers have arrived already - it is very sad.
I hate waiting.

Brother-in-law cooking pancakes for the family today.
Cats being smoochy.
Rainbow lorikeets frolicing in my sisters gum tree.
The sun burns already and it is only 8:19 am.
The air conditioner is purring.
The ceiling fan whorling.
I feel a bit sick cause I drank excessivelyish last night.
It is my usual coping method for parental visits.
Terrible dreams where I went out drinking with CEO of a company I dreamed I worked for after some kind of team meating to discuss safety procedures and dream me arriving at dream work the next day worried I drank too much the night before, but not remembering anything else embarrassing to dream self, only to be told that actually dream me had vomted in front of CEO and management twice during the course of the evening. 

Fuck I need coffee


  1. Okay, that one particular sentence of yours, "The air conditioner is purring." makes me incredibly jealous.

    Just got slammed with 12 inches of snow this week and temps are hovering somewhere in the low 30's/high 20's this weekend.

    I want spring.

  2. The whole idea of snow just seems really strange to me.

    which is better: a log fire on a cold day or an airconditioner on a hot day?

  3. Air condtioner on a hot day is much better than a log fire on a cold day.

    Still jealous though of the thought of having an a.c. on in the winter time. :D