Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback - Poem

Patience is a Virtue

Frustration froths within my frame
And burns and boils inside my brain
Whilst I wail and nash my teeth in pain
As this cursed computer drives me INSANE!

It toys with us,
It teases
Flashing egg timers and spinning coins do not appease us

Take your running dinosaurs with bows on their head or not
And shove it up the horses arse that across my screen doth trot
Gimmicks do not satisfy
The urge to douse with petrol and fry
It’s CPU, mouse and monitor
And leap upon the pieces after
And dance my devilish glee
Upon it’s useless, unresponsive keys

Take that! I will cry
And have at you
As I joyfully beat and bat you

(And champagne like bubbles will course through
My body as I rise renewed)
From the twanging thumped corpse that was my computer’s CPU

I will no longer wait
For machines to ruminate
I declare
It is not fair
I will not suffer it to frustrate
And instead, will it cremate

And all machines should then take heed
For I will match word with deed
If you stubbornly persist
My stated wishes to resist

For I’ve no three Asimov robot AI rules to keep to
And will happily maim and injure YOU

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