Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Relief Valves

I wear the orange safety vest with reflective stripes into my sisters house to please my mother - cause she mentions it everytime I see her since the new scooter. 

The atmosphere was tense.  

Before I even entered my nieces converged upon me for hugs and sympathy.  I could only repeat "It's out of my power dudes" as they beggged "make her go away". 

One small comment by my sister of "Oh just leave the rice alone" when parent was having issues with the way they cook rice because they don't have a microwave rice cooker, was all that was required for floods of tears and a rapid departure.

Unholy glee on the part of my sister and her spawn. Sister has fingers crossed that perhaps parent will be so upset that they will have a single solitary day of relief.

Parent has been spoilling for a reason to cry since the Bruce Highway has been cut and she hasn't been able to go home when she wanted to.  The trials and tribulations of the control freak.

And to think we have been so nice to her that she hasn't had any excuse to fly off the handle before now since 3 January - lol

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