Sunday, July 24, 2016


I had never had a gas stove before i moved into my place and did not realise i had to sign up to a company and have regular fillups.  In my mind i thought you just got another bottle when it ran out.  My gas bottle lasted for many years before running out, mostly cause i dont use it.  The number of pans i set on fire due to inattention may have had something to do with that.

Anywho... kmart had an induction cooktop for sale for fifty quid, which seemed awesome!, so i bought it, but it turns out that no pan/sauce pan that i possess works on an induction cooktop.

So i scootered over to my sisters to borrow utensils.  However, friday was national pajama day, which i bought pajamas and slippers for, even though i wasnt working friday, but decided to pop in on the day to give my donation in costume which i bought on the day, cause normally i just sleep in a t-shirt and pants ( i looked supercute in my granny night gown and slippers) HOWEVER, unfortunately this means i scootered over to my sisters in slippers, cause i forgot i was wearing them because they were so comfortable, and am just glad that the two police vehicles i passed didnt notice and pull me over cause that would have been embarrassing.

My imagination:
Have you had anything to drink tonight ma'am?
No, sir.
Are you aware that you are wearing purple fuzzy slippers?
Sorry. No. I forgot.
Are you sure you haven't had anything to drink tonight, ma'am?

... etc


  1. We got caught on the induction cook top/new utensils front too.
    And the mother of a school friend WAS pulled over by the police when she had done a school run in her nightdress, dressing gown and slippers. Sigh.

  2. I say be proud of your jamies. If i was like my sister in sydney and had an awesome cafe at the end of my street i woukd totally go down there for breakfast in my s.ippers on a sunday