Friday, July 29, 2016

Problem cat

One of my cats has quite bad flea dermatitis. I am experimenting with different flea treatments for her to see which one will suit best. In the meantime i have put a bucket on her head ... well, not an actual bucket - one of those plastic collars to try and stop some of the over grooming for a bit.

She dont like it.
Admittedly its only been five minutes, but she is mostly walking backwards at the moment cause the plastic snagging on objects is disturbing her equalibrium (however that is spelt).

Oh the guilt!
Oh how a bit funny it is, but no, bad Sammy - slaps wrist.

Maybe she'll end up on kitty prozak?
Maybe shes just very tense?

Maybe i'll end up giving her daily coconut oil massages like the people i googled?

Have a flower

1 comment:

  1. The cone of shame would disturb any cat's equlibrium.