Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sins came home to roost ...

... though I don't really think not having regular sex is a sin.

A couple of the nurses at work are learning to do pap smears.  They are required to perform fifteen under supervision over a period of time.

I agreed to be one of the lovely ladies First attempts.

However, my lack of indulgence in a certain activity required a change in implement, after which all was sweet.

I have been very bad and this was my first pap smear in nigh on 16/ 20 maybe years.

Mammogram is next.
They reckon I should have had two by now.


  1. That is going over and above the call of duty. I loathe and detest pap smears. I still remember (with horror) the time the doctor decided that the speculum was cold - and ran it under the hot tap to warm it up. And I do mean the hot tap. The entire waiting room heard my shrieks. And I walked like a duck for hours.

    1. Oh you poor sweet thing! Julie was very concerned all the way through, and I was dying of curiosity and wanted to be at the other end. I like learning new things. Apparently my cervix points downwards. Was startled by one of the programs on SBS which explained that australian girlie mags were not allowed to show squidly bits and everything is Photoshopped to show closed lips. Explains the luxurious the thatched hair closely woven over the central bits not glimpsed in mags from the 80s, 90s. I just thought other ladies were !ore hairy than I was.