Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Concept - reducing clutter ...

... funnily enough this has been something I have been trying the last few years.

I reasoned, that if everything had a place, it would be easier to put them in their place.  I have gotten rid of more books then I ever conceived possible.

Lately, i have boxed up all my bric-a-brac with the intent of what is not missed can be disposed of.

Oddly enough, i find this has made me even more messy.

As if the possesions are the barrier that holds my mess in check.

I think I need a certain kind of clutter around me to make me feel like I am present and securely occupying my space, but it is only a theory so far, as i haven't managed to get to a vacant enough state to be able to start from scratch.

I was in the mind set last night to just throw everything out and start again. It is still tickling at my mind as an interesting idea.  What would it be like to start again. What would the new posessions I chose show me to be, uncluttered by things given by others to muddy the view. All a bit nacasistic says my inner self.

When boxing bric-a-brac it turned out to be mostly stuff given to me. Probably most of what I own has been given or inherited or gifted as presents at obligatory occasions when someone has to give you something, not nessecarily because it solely spoke to them as something I just had to have, so they bought it without a need to buy something

I am getting convoluted and squiggly.

My head is like this on an ordinary day.
I don't even want to revisit it on a bad day.
They happen on their own and don't need to be reaffirmed in a light hearted blog.

Stuff isnt important anyway.
Oh look, a kitty!

Even my cat seems to think this is a silly post!


  1. Stuff can get a bit overwhelming. And this house is full of gifts too. Some I like, some I love, a few I loathe.

    1. My eldest sister is ruthless with gifts. If she doesnt like it is gone. Quite possibly the next day. I am not fussy and quite like everything i am given.