Saturday, October 8, 2016


I am going to try and paint stuff tomorrow.

I havent painted for over a decade, maybe more.
I was never any good anyway.

It would work better if i had a concept or idea to start with, but i got nothing but the urge to fill pages and pages.

Possibly i may share?
Or not.

Possibly i may just go to the markets and eat dumplings and nap instead.
Actually, that is really quite possible, nearing probable.

All things are possible in a free world.

I wish I were like sketcher ben who I am following on facebook who is soo awesome, sigh.  He does these beautiful little water colour sketches of scenes. Just lovely.

If i were more able technlogically i would post a link.
But I'm not.
So I won't.
Cause I can't.
So I can't.
Though I'd like.
Though I can't.
So i wont.

And the neighbours down the road are having a domestic and the lady/woman has a voice that carries blocks.  I used to yell like that when i was five or less.

I miss it.
It would be nice to just let go and scream and scream when I felt like it.
But not so nice for others, hey?

Envy thy name be Sam.

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