Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Maybe i need a knew label ?

I think the top joint of my finger took a left turn today, but it is probably my imagination. Seems bigger to me, but hurts less. Go figure, hey?

Apologise for the selfcentred post, but I have always regreted not having photos of my feet before my toes were so transformed, so I swore I would try and document future changes.  I hate the lack of evidence.

"I really did have nice hands and feet once upon a time", she said wistfully.

Its so rare to just be perfectly happy with a feature and then it gets all deformed and ugly.  Part of me keeps expecting to go blind, because after my feet and hands i most like my eyes.

Edit :  disregarding the dreadful state of my nails, I thought I should add context, if only for myself at a future date :)

My second and third toes used to be longer or the same size as my big toe and so on. My older sister used to tell me she was more evolved because her toes were short and stubby, whereas mine were more long like a monkeys.

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