Monday, October 31, 2016

So ...

.. went and saw a doctor last Friday, as I have been having issues with my arthritis.  My left hand is turning into an uncooperative claw because it is the hand I use to hold the tablet and my Achilles tendons have been niggling for the last month or two.

I attended a medical practice other than the one I work at.

First time in my life have been referred to a specialist without having to ask.

He gently took my hand and examined the swelling and said "you must be in a lot of pain".

It has been heaps worse then this.
I have struggled to walk for extended periods - months.
I nearly burst into tears.
He was so nice.

I had to decline his suggestion of some time off work.

Am now on some medication I've never had before and am wandering about in a slightly dazed state until I get the hang of it.  I feel ever so slightly like a am drunk.

I think I maybe giggling a bit more than usual.

Melbourne Cup tomorrow and am planning to place a small wager on Big Orange, cause it's such a silly name

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  1. I WOULD have burst into tears at his niceness.
    I hope the new medication helps. I well remember that 'space cadet' feeling.