Saturday, October 22, 2016

I am sooo very tired.

Received a foreboding letter from Centrelink about declared income from four or five years ago saying I had till Twentieth to defend.

Figured I must have done something wrong and was expecting a fine, but instead they sent me a cheque.

Feels very odd.

Newish lady at work has mental health issues, I think. Has not been in of late. Only one person is allowed to have leave at any one time as we do not have the staff to cover shifts. I am really tired.

I really want a couple of days off.

Will be covering some of the admin\managers work over November.  I thought I had done a bad enough job last time not to be landed with it again, but sadly not.


My beautiful Blossom cat is bringing me plants every morning with much fanfare and declaration, in stead of mice.

He us such a cutie.
He knows what his owner likes šŸ˜

He is stealing it from the neighbours garden beds.


  1. A klept cat could be useful. What else can you train him to bring you?
    Centrelink have standard letters, but it does sound as if they used the wrong one. Do they really ezpect you to demand they take their money back?

    1. If only it were a stuffed toy! He could be an internet sensation! Edit is he is probably either suicidal, cause I think said plant is poisonousto cats, or has a very funny idea about what a frog looks like. Sadly Blossom has never been bright.