Saturday, August 7, 2010

... and so

... and so, since I have a working fridge I have stocked it with food and cooked and therefore eaten excessively and uncomfortably of spagboll - it so hard to know when to stop *sigh*

oh woe
the excesses of the night
roosting in the day
rather uncomfortably in my belly

I said 'marvelous' when chatting to a woman between calls yesterday (the one who started laughing when I said I had cats).  She appeared to find this weird and laughed at me a bit.  Who knew saying marvelous was non-herd behaviour?  Why didn't someone tell me?  Just as well I know not to say 'rather' out loud.  Perhaps that would have earned a 'point at and laugh'?  It certainly didn't go down well in Grade four that time at school.

One gets gentle reminders if one starts back to early from the fifteen minute tea breaks and more gentle reminders if one is a minute or two late.  Said I'd been cracking at 14:30 and was advised to try and hack it out till 14:45.  I am counting down the remaining weeks and reminding myself that money is a useful thing and something we all need to be receiving on a regular basis in this modern world and that I have cats to feed.

We are not allowed to have books or magazines on the desks and have nothing to do between telephone calls.  I am going a little batty at the desk.


  1. Do you plan on re-upping with this particular company again?

  2. Happily I don't think I shall be asked :) Election over 21st August, though I believe the hotline is kept open for a couple of weeks after.

    I expect to be back looking for work again in a couple of weeks. And this time I shall not wimp out of making an appointment with the dentist.

  3. Well, good luck with the job hunting.

  4. i don't like the sounds of that woman.
    i say 'marvellous' all the time!
    i also say 'fabulous' and 'splendid'.
    feel free to bandy those ones about in front of her too.

    jeepers! no magazines?
    not even "Notebook"?
    they hardly ever have naked buttocks in that one.

  5. I thought you might be dead for a little while there. I have decided you now remind me of the heroines in the Constance & Gwenyth Little books.

    I am going to say terrific next and see wot happens.