Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh god! it's March Already

lots of birthdays this month and a notable death day - dear beloved Mr Pratchett - have been rolling about like a cat in catnip in an orgy of rereading disc world novels of late - finishing off snuff for the fifty thousand something time - remember the first time i read a terry pratchet novel - colour of magic - i was cold and sick and depressed at the time - remember rolling around on the floor laughing that the main character had just fallen of the edge of the world to what could only be certain death at the end of the book - never got quite so upset about stuff after that - i felt like a had a better handle on perspective - cheers terry

went to a book signing in sydney - figured i would be gone for about an hour - however three hours later i finally got to the head of the line and was in too much pain from standing around on street corners to be coherent - he was perfectly happy to chat but sadly i was not up for it - longest queue at a book signing i have every seen - people  i worked for were rather worried by my disappearance

my eldest niece has started university and is slogging away at the required number of driving hours towards her licence

my youngest niece has started prep

i resemble something like a beached whale at the moment
my sofa bed seems to suck all the energy out of my posterior 
leaving me like limp overcooked spaghetti

brotherinlaws birthday today and champagne and margaritas of many colours have been consumed with a willing heart and a sated belly - mmmmmm nachos mmmmmmmmmm


  1. Yup. So very sad. Glad that he has been released from the embuggerance, but so very selfishly sad for me. And shortly I will start an orgy of rereading him myself.

  2. Yes. I am thinking I should be more systematic and start right at the beginning. Plus I've not reread truckers for years and years. I've got Strata sitting around somewhere (though I recall not liking it much)

  3. I know he was a big proponent of the right to die; how did he finally go in the end?

    Good to see you back, overcooked spaghetti whale.

  4. now i want to make a whale out of overcooked spaghetti - our biannual sculpture by the sea is coming up
    None of the articles I read said anything apart from a rather vague 'natural causes'