Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday friday friday

I find it difficult to accept compliments. I've gotten better as I get older, but I still don't accept them, I just say thank you and move on which is something different entirely, though in someways I worry it is more insulting for being dismissive, but that is not how the giver percieves it which in response is the more important aspect.

One must accept the feelings of gratitude inspired behind even a stock standard response delivered well and be grateful/pleased? to have made a positive difference in someones day.

My world has grown so small in my repetitive, parrot-like job.  I end up saying some strangely random things. Am sort of delighting in not even being recognised as an individual because there is a lady who works mornings who is also brunette with glasses and overweight who looks nothing like me but which even people who have been coming to the medical centre for the three years we have been working there thing we are one and the same, lol.

Not yet at the stage where i worry i dont really exist, but think cant be too far off.


  1. Early this week I put up a post which proves that I don't accept compliments well either. Or gracefully. And I fear I have offended people too. Sigh.
    And sometimes not existing has a LOT of charm.

    1. I used to frequently wish i was in a coma when i was growing up. Have always rather liked sleeping 😁