Friday, June 24, 2016

The spirit is willing ...

I have a leaking shower tap.

At least, it started as a leaking skower tap. So, i called the real estate agent and i even said it was urgent becauae actually it was quite a bad leak. Then i called them again with my schedule for the week. Then i called them again with my schedule for the following week, and so on and so forth for a month.

So then i just turned the hot water system off and had cold showers for the summer, which was no issue cause it gets quite warm in the summer in North Queensland.

Then ... i had to give my cat an emergency bath which required the use of the cold water tap in the shower, which then didn't want to turn off as much as it wanted too previously, and in the meantime I tried to buy pipe wrenches and stuff to attempt a home grown fix, but everything was the wrong size and then I tried to tighten it just a little too much and I think I broke something called a spindle, BUT then I bought a multisize pipewrench thingy but it turns our that even with the application of a bottle of dutch courage, I am still too physically weak to undo the thingy and now I am inebriated and depressed because of what is actually a very basic inanimate object and how lame is it to be defeated by a tap!!!!!!


Fuck plumbing!


  1. Sigh. And sympathy. I am tired of being defeated (thoroughly defeated) by inanimate objects. And the cats.

    1. Even more frustrating when i feel like if i were a man id be able to turn the damn spanner, argh.

  2. I find this situation unacceptable. Nobody should need a bloke around just to change a bloody tap washer.

    First of all, before you unscrew anything, make sure you have the water turned off.

    Second of all, are you turning it in the right direction? Anti-clockwise to unscrew something towards yourself.

    Thirdly, it shouldn't require any great feat of strength, just judicious use of body-weight. Put your shifter on (I assume that's what you're using) so that the handle is as near to parallel with the ground as you can get it; then lean on the end of the handle for maximum leverage.

    1. Happily for my pride even the plumber had difficulty unscrewing the blessed thing, though he used different words to describe it. Reseating it also was intense and took ages and is probably my fault for trying to tighten it too much when it started gushing. Was a bit worried he was going to have to pull the wall off and replace the pipe or something.

  3. All's well that ends well then, I suppose.

    Glad to hear you can take a decent shower now. Especially since the warm weather is well and truly gone.